ESPRESSO MACHINE– KD 310VP (Variable Pressure)

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Pressure Profiling  Espresso Machine

KD-310VP is WPM Espresso machine with pressure profiling.

Thanks to WPM KD-310VP,  you can afford to brew your coffee at a resonable speed and pressure without over-extracting the sweetness out from the coffee by using our proudly introduced pressure profiling

Stainless steel body 

4 Pre-set Programs
7-level Adjustment of Water Flow
1 Cup and 2 Cups Volume Setting
Water temperature Setting


3 units of PID Temperature control


Group Head    
58mm Group Head 


Water Tank 
2.5L capacity


Coffee: 15 bar
Steam: 4 bar

Watch On YouTube: WPM KD-310VP Espresso Machine on YouTube

Which Grinder does KD-310VP perfectly match with?

We highly recommended ZD-17

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